Get ready to delete your Instagram account

If you love to click pictures and share it over the web with your friends, family using the popular photo sharing social network service Instagram, then be ready to delete your Instagram account soon. This comes in the wake of drastic changes in Instagram privacy policy and terms of service announced here on their blog.

InstagramSome of us expected something like this after Instagram was aquired by Facebook which has a very bad reputation when it comes to users privacy. In simple terms, with these changes Instgram now has the right to sell users’ photos without any payment or even get notified about the use.

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Facebook introduces Promoted Page Posts

If you are a Facebook Page owner or admin and ready to spend some money to promote your posts, then here is some good news for You. Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Promote Posts” which lets you  reach more people who like your Page along with their friends.

If you want to promote a post or even a status update, just  use the sharing box or tool and create a post or a status update.

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Download 6 month licenses of Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, or Microsoft anti-virus

If you are a Facebook user and need a good antivirus solution for your system for Free, then here is some good news. Starting today, every facebook user worldwide can download  full version download six-month licenses to full versions of anti-virus software at no charge from Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, or Symantec which comes with  six-month licenses for any of these Antivirus solutions.

This Free Antivirus initiative comes from facebook in collaboration with these antivirus vendors coinciding with announcement of the new AV Marketplace for all Facebook users by Facebook.

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How to Export Instagram Photos to Desktop before Facebook takes Control

The post title may look odd to most readers as they will be unable to see the connection of Instagram and Facebook. We just heard that Facebook is buying Instagram for one Billion Dollars. As most of us know, Instagram is one of the most popular social network in terms of sharing of images with a community of over 30+ Million users worldwide. Just few days Back, with the release of Instagram for Android, they took one more step towards building a much bigger community consisting not only of iOS users but users from Android too. No one expected this coming.

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Share iPad for multi accounts on gmail, facebook, yahoo, hotmail, twitter with Our Pad app

One of the issues that many iPad users face that its not so simple to share the iPad among family members as anyone using the iPad in the family will have access to  gmail, facebook, yahoo, hotmail, twitter that is being configured on iPad. Its a bit difficult to configure different accounts on iPad for … Read more