Twitter and Facebook are the biggest social network on the web with millions of users using it every day. One of the drawbacks of being the largest social networks with millions of users across the globe, these two websites are also heavily targeted by Hackers, cyber criminals, scammers, spammers etc to target users to get infected by malware, phishing scams, malware and similar stuff. Most of these cyber criminals use short links, videos, apps etc to infect users and exploit the fact that many of these links are shared by trusted friends.

Bitdefender Safego is a free tool from popular security vendor Bitdefender which scans twitter, Facebook users accounts and detects spam, scams and other e-threats, while keeping users aware of personal information that is being exposed. It uses Bitdefender Safego uses the Bitdefender antimalware and antiphishing engines to scan URLs in the cloud.

Bitdefender Safego keeps your Twitter account safe by:

  •  checking unknown users before you follow them
  •   checking the accounts you are following
  •   scanning your direct messages for spam, suspicious links or highjacking attempts.

You need to authorize your twitter account just like any other App through twitter for Bitdefender Safego to start protecting your twitter account. Once you have authorized it, it starts scanning your twitter account friends, links etc and gives you the information about them like to threats, warnings etc.

It also scans all your friends accounts and check them to see if any of them are being used  for spreading malware or phishing links or bad URLs. If everything is fine, it will show all the results on its Dashboard. Keep in mind, it runs inside your browser and can not be installed on your system.

Similarly, Safego for Facebook is a Facebook app just like any other Facebook App. After you start using this App, it gives you a dashboard which gives you details like infected items, last scanned items, privacy levels etc. IF your privacy settings are not upto the mark, it will tell you that you need to change your privacy settings to protect your privacy. It also tells you how many of your friends are already using this app and you can invite other friends too.


Now lets talk about some drawbacks. This is still in infancy and loads of work need to be done. Either it should be developed into a browser add-on or a small application that can be installed on a system. Right now you need to use a browser to use it. Even with browser, you need to authorize twitter account every time you want to use it. You can not use it parallely with your Facebook or twitter streams. Unless Bitdefender does something better, this tool wont be used by many. You need to push it to next level to gain popularity among Facebook and twitter users as majority of these users are non-geeks.