One of the issues that many iPad users face that its not so simple to share the iPad among family members as anyone using the iPad in the family will have access to  gmail, facebook, yahoo, hotmail, twitter that is being configured on iPad. Its a bit difficult to configure different accounts on iPad for different users of iPad with their own gmail, facebook, yahoo, hotmail, twitter credentials. A free iOS iPad app called as Our Pad can help solve this problem for most iPad users to some extent.

This app allows you and other family members, spouses and children to login to their favorite social networking sites and email services without having the need to type in a password each time. “Our Pad” manages your sign-in and sign-out and you never have to worry about prying eyes or leaving your private emails open accidentally. Access to your accounts is granted by providing a lock pattern using a series of connecting dots.

At the moment only  accounts on gmail, facebook, yahoo, hotmail, twitter are being supported by this iPad app. They do plan to add support for other websites in future.


  • Manage all accounts in OurPad
  • Set a Lock pattern to access your accounts
  • Tap the account name to login. It’s that simple.
  • Sign out by simply pressing the HOME button or by tapping your Name. Don’t worry if you forget to signout. “Our Pad” will automatically sign you out when your iPad is idle or when your iPad goes to sleep.

As stated above, the different user accounts are seprated and can be accessed only using the lock pattern gesture on the iPad associated with the account. Every user can have his own secret lock pattern and they cannot see the accounts of any other user in the iPad.

It requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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Via: Lifehacker