Most common problem with Windows PC that most average or novice users face is, the system gets slower as the time progresses by due to various reasons. Usually a average user is clueless about why the PC is not working as fast as it should. Tuneup Utilities can be a great tool for this kind of situation where you need to fix the most common problems that occur in windows system which are small problems individually but in totality they affect the performance of the system.

Developers Description

Uncompromising performance, maximum battery life, a clutter-free PC experience and smart energy efficiency – that‘s exactly what you get with an all-new TuneUp Utilities 2012. Packed full with more than 30 tools, we guaranteed that your PC is in top shape!

It is basically a all in one tool consisting of more than thirty utilities or tool to fix most common problems on your PC. Just checkout the “overview of all functions” tab and you will see a whole lot of tools included inside. These tools include :

  • A Program manager to manage your installed applications,
  • Hard disk manager to manage your common hard disk functions like de-fragmenting it, checking it for errors, securely deleting data or even restoring data, Gain disk space by deleting junk or temp files
  • Registry Manager to manage the Registry including the option to edit them and cleaning the junk registry values,
  • One click maintenance, standard and turbo mode, configuring Automatic maintenance using a scheduler
  • Change Windows settings, Appearance, remove broken shortcuts
  • Manage the running processes by viewing them and closing them if required.

If you want, you can switch to category view and it will show you tools in a wizard form separating tools using a more common or basic terminology. Basically, if you are a novice user, you must use this view as it talks in more general terms and its almost non-technical e.g it gives you tabs for “increase performance”, “fix problems”, “system Protection” etc. You can just click any of these tabs and it will guide you using a wizard and tell you how to fix issues if any to attain the required performance.

As told earlier, it comes with a program manager and uninstaller to to manage your installed applications. You can either disable any of the installed apps or uninstall them. It also gives you details like if any application needs to be optimized for better performance.

The best feature of tuneup utilities is the 1-click Maintenance feature which fixes all your system issues with one click. Just start it and it will do the rest. It will analyses your system, find the problems if any and will fix all of them without any user intervention. It is best for novice or even average PC users who are not so confident to play with any system options or are not aware of whats going on in their system.

Overall, it is the best tuneup application available for any PC with a simple to understand user interface and tools without too much technical details. Just use it if you feel your system is slow.

But as i say with any tuneup application, just take a backup every time in case something goes wrong.


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