Tuneup utilities 2012 Review and License key Giveaway

Most common problem with Windows PC that most average or novice users face is, the system gets slower as the time progresses by due to various reasons. Usually a average user is clueless about why the PC is not working as fast as it should. Tuneup Utilities can be a great tool for this kind of situation where you need to fix the most common problems that occur in windows system which are small problems individually but in totality they affect the performance of the system.

Developers Description

Uncompromising performance, maximum battery life, a clutter-free PC experience and smart energy efficiency – that‘s exactly what you get with an all-new TuneUp Utilities 2012. Packed full with more than 30 tools, we guaranteed that your PC is in top shape!

It is basically a all in one tool consisting of more than thirty utilities or tool to fix most common problems on your PC. Just checkout the “overview of all functions” tab and you will see a whole lot of tools included inside. These tools include :

  • A Program manager to manage your installed applications,
  • Hard disk manager to manage your common hard disk functions like de-fragmenting it, checking it for errors, securely deleting data or even restoring data, Gain disk space by deleting junk or temp files
  • Registry Manager to manage the Registry including the option to edit them and cleaning the junk registry values,
  • One click maintenance, standard and turbo mode, configuring Automatic maintenance using a scheduler
  • Change Windows settings, Appearance, remove broken shortcuts
  • Manage the running processes by viewing them and closing them if required.

If you want, you can switch to category view and it will show you tools in a wizard form separating tools using a more common or basic terminology. Basically, if you are a novice user, you must use this view as it talks in more general terms and its almost non-technical e.g it gives you tabs for “increase performance”, “fix problems”, “system Protection” etc. You can just click any of these tabs and it will guide you using a wizard and tell you how to fix issues if any to attain the required performance.

As told earlier, it comes with a program manager and uninstaller to to manage your installed applications. You can either disable any of the installed apps or uninstall them. It also gives you details like if any application needs to be optimized for better performance.

The best feature of tuneup utilities is the 1-click Maintenance feature which fixes all your system issues with one click. Just start it and it will do the rest. It will analyses your system, find the problems if any and will fix all of them without any user intervention. It is best for novice or even average PC users who are not so confident to play with any system options or are not aware of whats going on in their system.

Overall, it is the best tuneup application available for any PC with a simple to understand user interface and tools without too much technical details. Just use it if you feel your system is slow.

But as i say with any tuneup application, just take a backup every time in case something goes wrong.


Thanks to Tuneup utilities, we are giving away 3 license keys of tuneup utilities 2012 and 5 keys of 2011 version to readers of Avinashtech. Just follow the simple rules below to enter in this draw.

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  3. Leave a comment below telling us why you need it. (Avoid using twitter, Facebook login to comment as I wont be able to get your email address to send you a email in case you win).
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  1. I really Love this software. all in one. with this software my PCs go more faster. always maintenance my PCs every 3 days usage. I need new tune up 2012. hopefully i can win 2012 version. I really need. thanks to avinash for this giveaway and also tune up for providing it.

  2. Tune up utilities is a wonderful software to keep your PC in shape. It is one of the few softwares that are worth spending your hard earned money on. In case you get it free…nothing beats it!

  3. Great man

    Tune up utilities is always a top priority for me for PC maintenance or i
    must say that essential for every user for PC.
    Great bunch PC tool for
    registry, disk defrag, cleaning
    and a provide detailed hardware informer. Its PLUS POINT IS TURBO BOOST AND CLEANUP Automated PC, SO NO NEED TO REMEMBER
    The new function of deactivater is
    great which help to disable program when not required. Hope one license of V2012 for me avinash

  4. Bought a Tuneup utilities 2012 license last month and would recommend it to everyone as it’s a very good program. Please don’t include me in this giveaway and I wish everyone luck in winning.

  5. I’m useing Tuneup utilities 2010 version scans the system at express pace which is very important to me. After first cleaning, registry, disk defrag the system is not accelerated and this is expected. Very important thing is the fact that since the installation and periodic treatments cleaning system does not slow down and boot speed up my pc. Tuneup utilities is it fantastically clean and very satisfactory performance. So i need licenses key new version.

  6. TuneUp Utilities is a great application for PC maintenance.
    I hope to win a license, please include me for 1.


  7. i am already using tuneup utility 2010. so by this time i know what is the utility of the software and the real good benefit. help me Avinash Dada to upgrade it to 2012 .

  8. Tôi rất thích phần mềm này, hy vọng tôi sẽ có nó để bảo dưỡng cho máy tính của tôi

  9. Dear Avinash Thank you for posting such a great software giveaway. I have completed all 3 steps.
    I have been subscribed to your site since long.
    I have liked on facebook.
    I have also shared it on my facebook wall.

    I hope you will include me for the giveaway

  10. Thank you for the wonderful contest. I am currently using version 2011. It’s good but I heard that the 2012 version is much lighter. With the new feature is a lot better. I want to win. Sorry for the translation (google translate)

  11. i would like to use tune up utility because it really helps in optimizing windows especially on cold start ups..

  12. I would like to take part in the giveaway because I need TuneUp Utilities which has all the useful features for optimizing and cleaning up my pc which is slowing down. Thanks.

  13. I have currently using the 2009 version. Hope to win 1 to upgrade it to have the new feature to improve my laptop performance.

  14. Thank for this giveaway! I would like to try my luck for the 2012 license as I already own my personal 2011 key and it is a very awesome utilities. It could improve our PC performance tremendously. Thank again for this opportunity.

    Here my tweet https://twitter.com/#!/CoolCrackerz/status/144047937582923776

  15. I currently use TU 2010. It is great program but unfornately it is too old, I´d like made upgrade, Thanks

  16. I’ve been using TuneUp Utilities since ver. 2009 and every version is getting better. Now I’m using the 2011 ver. and I’m eager to try the 2012 ver.

  17. Thanks for this Giveaway. TuneUp Utilities is a great application for tweaking, repairing and tuning of Windows. I am using the 2010 version and would like to enjoy the new features. Please count me in.

  18. Another excellent review and giveaway.
    I’ve been using TuneUp for several years and have always found it to be essential.
    The 2012 version looks like the best one yet so please include me in the draw for this.

  19. i m now using tuneup utility 2011 but it’s not official version, so there is a problem in updating this software
    and i know this latest version of tuneup can fix some other recent problems in my pc, this is great version ever,..hope i can win this time

  20. Nice Giveaway,Tune-up Utilities 2012 is best program for Windows optimization & i need it to increase speed of my pc and removing unnecessary data.
    Please Count me in…
    Thanks For Giveaway

  21. TuneUp Utilities 2012 is a package, a composition which includes a number of tools to manage and optimize Windows operating systems.

    Among these applications can be found responsible for the management ofcomputer memory, secure deletion and recovery, cleaning the registry and deleteunnecessary system files, uninstall the application, change the boot screen, icons are assigned to specific extensions, etc. Several tools available in TuneUp Utilities 2012offers virtually all features needed to optimize system performance.

    The package in 2012 version also features a tools such as TuneUp Disk Doctor,TuneUp Disk Space Explorer, TuneUp System Control, 1-Click Maintenance, andTuneUp TuneUp RegistryCleaner DiskCleaner.
    Sorry, I use Google Translator.


  22. Thanks for the giveaway. I am using it’s one of the old version and found it very useful. Looking for the latest version. Please count me also.

  23. I had two kids who always use the PC. I already had the TuneUp Utilities 2010 and its very helpful in organizing cleaning and speeding up my PC. I want to have the 2011 Version coz i believe that its more good because of its features. thanks in advance..

  24. I used an older version of Tuneup Utilities and it kept my computer running smoothly. And I loved the feature that let me easily change my logon page.  I hope to win a 2012 licence
    thanks for the opportunity

  25. Dear avinash, TuneUp Utilities is among the best utility software and I would be extremely pleased if i could use its pro version with all features unlocked. Thank you for counting me in. Good luck to everyone

  26. Great giveaway. I already have the 2011, so If I win the 2012 that would be cool. This is a great software that cleans up your computer and organizing programs. Thanks for the giveaway. 

  27. I was waiting for this giveaway; I really want to win one license of tuneup utilities 2012 because tuneup utilities 2011 it’s the best optimization software I’ve tried so far and I don’t want to try the 2012 version if I don’t have a license, the reason is that I know I’d hate to uninstall it after the trial period.
    Shared: https://twitter.com/#!/emsocosme/status/144113800130478080

    Thank you.

  28. This is a great stuff for organizing your computer i have TU 2010
    and i am too satisfied with it please count on me

  29. TU2012-I want it because I used an earlier version, and I think this is the best program to optimize, repair and change the Windows settings.Improved programs deactivator, as amended friendly user interface and new features allow for comfortable acceleration of the system and laptop batery savings.Pls count me in! Thank you for the giveaway and greet.

  30. Im now using 2011 .. and i want the new version 2012 of tune up .. becz it hav auto program deactivator….

    its very help full for me to maintain my pc speed….

  31. Hi,Avinash!
                   I have Tune-up 2010,and, of course, would love to have the latest edition.Every year,they add something to it,and make it even better – I don’t know how,because in my mind,it is,and always has been,the best at what it does. Here’s hoping,ha,ha!    

  32. Thank you very much for the giveaway I would like to have one my facebook nameأيمن القوصى
    My Twitterayman_1967I Subscribe  this  blog to my email and Share this on my Twitter,my FacebookI need it because tuneup utilities 2012 it’s the best optimization software

  33.  I am using trial version of tuneup utilities 2012 and I think it is amazing. I would really like to get one of these free licenses. Please, count me in.
    Best regards from Belgrade!

  34. TuneUp Utilities 2012 is a very very good software. I need a license for the PC of my mother (sometimes it’s necessary to fix it…), so please count me in.

  35. Hey! TuneUp Utilities is the best PC cleaner I have seen so far. I am very interested to see the new features of the 2012 version.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. I need this software really bad to speed up my computer.  It’s a really good utility software.  I would really be pleased with a version. Please count me in.

  37. TuneUp Utilities it really excellent and very reliable a complete suite of tools to manage and effectively optimize system performance.
    Please count me in for this great giveaway.

    Thank you & Best Regards

  38. I’d love to have the opportunity to use the 2012 version with a legal right. Please keep in mind I’m in the program. Thankshttp://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2026130991388&id=1787437019

  39. Great giveaway.TuneUp Utilities 2012 is the best program for Windows
    optimization. I need it to increase the speed of my PC. Please count me in. Thanks and regards

  40. GREAT giveaway, All in 1 software for maintenance my gaming PC.
    for speed up and improving loading in my PCs.
    need this (2012 version) because I care my laptop. and with ram usage is very lowest but with great result after maintenance with this software.
    Count me in. thanks to Avinash and tuneup for provide this license for this software.

  41. J’utilise Tune Up Utilities depuis 2006 et j’en suis très satisfaite. Voilà donc la raison majeure pour laquelle je suis intéressée par votre offre.
    En vous remerciant,

  42. Really Good software and must have for people want to maintenance their system.
    Love this because, all i need is on this software. name of software TuneUp, it will be tuneup PCs until maximum performance , I love 2012 version, i wanna get it. 
    Count me in. thanks to avinash and tuneup for this license giveaway. 

  43. TuneUp is the best. i currently using Glary Utilities Pro and I want to use this excellent software. Many thanks for the giveaway.

  44. TuneUp is the best tuning program that I’ve known so far and therefore I really want to win one of these licenses. Thanks for this great giveaway and best regards

  45. I currently using tuneup 2010  and he doing great job,it will be nice to have 2012 version,so count me in

  46. I need this software to speed up and maintain my computer.  It’s a very
    good software. I would be pleased winning a license. Please
    count me in. Thanks a lot

  47. Uncompromising performance, maximum battery life, a clutter-free PC experience and smart energy efficiency – that‘s exactly what you get with an all-new tune up utilities 2012. Packed full with more than 30 tools, we guaranteed that your PC is in top shape!with that , i can really care my laptop. with better performance. I need 2012 version.
    Count me in. 

  48. ALL in ONE software. all you need in one software the name is TuneUp Utilities.
    even customizing windows also. you can changing windows themes using this software. easily you can change back to default windows themes. with that software, we can maintenance and customizing, really GOOD. I need 2012 version too.
     I need this software, and count me in

  49. Tune Up is the best, even I’d like a chance to win a license. BTW, when are the results going to be declared?

  50. Thanks Avinash fro awesome Tuneup application.It provide the best options like Registry cleaner, uninstall manager, disk defragmentation, temp file cleanup, startup manager.
    But It best in Automatic maintenance, Auto Program start and Turbo Boost. The new version of tune come up with economy mode very helpful for laptop battery. UI Is always great.
    Count me for such great tuneup application

  51. TuneUp Utilities 2012 is by far the best PC maintenance utility.The main reason why I require TuneUp Utilities 2012 is because of the new feature called “Program Manager” that is used for managing installed programs.
    Please count me in this draw. I would love to have this in my PC.

  52. i’d love with features
    Hard disk manager to manage your common hard disk functions like de-fragmenting it, checking it for errors, securely deleting data or even restoring data, Gain disk space by deleting junk or temp files.
    Because, I care with my harddisk, i always maintain it, make it more better performance when loading (read and write)
    I need this software. and also, I likes new features on new tuneup 2012 called “economy mode” because I use laptop, it will be more useful ,make laptop battery long-life. thanks to avinash for giveaway this software, i need this.
    count me in.

  53. it is the best tuneup application available for any PC with a simple to understand user interface and tools without too much technical details. The best feature of tuneup utilities is the 1-click Maintenance feature is best one. Packed full with more than 30 tools is full of giveaway………all is well………….

  54. Best maintenance PC and Laptop in the worlds. Easy to use but, with GREAT function for maintain system. I likes to get 2012 version, and even this programs using RAM (idle) it just in few MB, maybe just 11MB with 2 processes. thanks avinash. 
    please count me in.

  55. i using Tuneup Utilities since a year ago, reccomended by my friends, and Tuneup Utilities 2012 is alot improved and also with new feature called economy mode (Extends battery life with an all-new TuneUp Economy Mode) It really useful for my laptop.
    and also, this software will make my laptop more stable and more speed when loading. I need this, thanks avinash for superb giveaway like this, Count me in.

  56. Tuneup Utilities is the best system optimizer software.
    I can use tuneup utilities for optimizing and maintaining.
    Please count me in. Thanks

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