If you are a Facebook Page owner or admin and ready to spend some money to promote your posts, then here is some good news for You. Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Promote Posts” which lets you  reach more people who like your Page along with their friends.

If you want to promote a post or even a status update, just  use the sharing box or tool and create a post or a status update.

At the bottom of the box you will see a Promote drop-down button with a estimated budget for promoting the post, that you need to pay to Facebook using your credit card or some other method. It also shows you the estimated reach that will be possible with the budget. Just click Save and you are done. You can even promote the old posts up to 3 days.

When you promote a post using this new feature, it will be shown in news feeds of more people who like your Page (much more than it would reach normally without promoting posts). Even though these posts are labeled as “Sponsored” in the news feed and are not shown in the right-hand column of Facebook.

But the “Sponsored” is almost not visible and totally blended to make it difficult to distinguish promoted posts.

Even though the Promoted post feature is only available for Facebook Pages and not normal Facebook posts, it may not be welcomed by many users. But obviously Facebook needs to monetize its platform in one way or the other. You can call it a similar feature to the “Twitter Promoted tweets or Promoted users“.

Some Facebook users who like Facebook pages of websites, blogs, companies etc., may soon start seeing these promoted posts in their news feed of Facebook.

We would love to hear some feedback, from Facebook users on how do you view this feature and what is your opinion about it?.