Just few days back we shared a Infographic about Android Malware threats along with some basic security tips. Today we will share a infographic on Facebook Social Media Threats and how clickjacking on facebook leads to personal information being stolen from users.

Most of the social media or Facebook threats use the users curiosity about the some big news events or something that has been never seen or something similar. Most ignorant users fall for this trick unless they think before clicking on a link or video on their Facebook page. Apart from wall posts using links or videos, Facebook apps, Facebook chat  and event Facebook PMs are used for making users fall in trap to these threats.

Top three publicly available personal information available on Facebook are Email addresses, Facebook and High School adresses as most Facebook users are too ignorant to change the default settings often. Most common attacks on Facebook are Likejacking attacks, Rogue application propagation attacks and Spam campaigns.

Via: Trend Micro Blog Including Infographic