I am a iPad 2 user for almost 2-3 weeks only and hence what I am talking about in this post must have been talked about by other bloggers or sites. Today we will be talking about FlipBoard, the best App that your iPad can have. Atleast for me, this is the best App that makes your iPad much much better. FlipBoard has been named Apple’s iPad App of the Year by Apple and also one of TIME’s top 50 innovations of 2010.

Flipboard is a fast, beautiful way to flip through the news, photos, videos, and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr, and Instagram. See your social media in a magazine layout that is easy to scan and fun to read. Catch up on the latest stories, videos and posts from popular publications and people such as National Geographic, The New Yorker, Wired, Rolling Stone, Oprah, Forbes, Robert Scoble, and Brain Pickings’ Maria Popova. Share articles and photos, comment on posts, and like or favorite anything. Customize your Flipboard with sections created from your favorite news, people, blogs, and topics.

From the moment I installed Flipboard on my iPad, I don’t open anything else when I start my iPad anytime. It brings almost everything I go through at one place, every time I open my iPad whether its twitter, Facebook, my favorite websites, blogs and everything else including Google reader which got everything ( almost 100+ feeds) I track. Apart from the ability to bring everything at one place, it provides you a unique way of going through the things, in a style just like your Favorite Magazine. The Layout of Flipboard converts everything into your own personalized magazine that you can read just by flipping thorough pages just as you do with a offline Magazine.

It turns news feeds, Facebook updates, tweets etc. into easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy to share digital magazines. It gives the ability to tweet anything, share it easily, favorite them. Just click on anything and it will just expand into full article. If the feed is not full, it will open the original webpage just within itself which can be easily navigated. Unless you use it by yourself, you cant experience what it is.

Perhaps, I would not be using my iPad as much as I do now if the Flipboard App isn’t there. You can just choose your Favorites or use the default one provided by Flipboard. In both cases, you will be happy. Even if the App had been a paid one instead of being FREE, I bet majority of the Flipboard users would have still bought it.

If you got a iPad and you have still not installed Flipboard on it , then you are missing something big. Just grab the Flipboard app from Appstore , install it and enjoy the experience.