Get Google Drive with 5 GB Free cloud storage to store & access files anywhere

Much awaited and rumored cloud storage service from Google i.e. Google Drive is finally here.  Google drive comes with 5 GB of free storage and features like abiltiy to access your files from all devices, on the web and the usual Google Docs collaboration features. At the moment though Google Drive rolling out slowly and may not be enabled on your Google Account. If you try accessing Google Drive at, you will get a message that Google Drive is not yet enabled for your account.

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Automatic photo, video uploads with Dropbox for Android, get 3 GB Free space

Just few days back we talked about the Dropbox new Camera Uploads beta feature which lets you earn free space up to 5 GB. This feature is out of beta and now available in Dropbox for Android. Even now, using this feature can help you earn another 3 GB of free space.

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LastPass Premium – Review and Premium accounts Giveaway

When you read the word ‘Password Manager’, the first thought that comes to your mind is, “Is it secure? Can my passwords be stolen?” And if its an online Password Manager, people are worried even more. Many users feel uncomfortable at having an online database of their passwords, even I felt the same way before … Read more

[Unlimited Giveaway] Android Converter: Create or convert video clips,audio for Android Gadgets

If you own a Android Gadget whether its a smartphone or a tablet and you love playing music or videos on your device, then you must grab the Giveaway we are putting up today. Android Convertor  lets you convert Videos of almost all formats to Android compatible format videos so that every video plays smoothly … Read more

Avinashtech Birthday Celebrations ABC3: Six Unlimited Giveaways coming soon

As you guys are already aware of our Third Birthday Celebrations ABC 3 going on. Continuing with the celebrations, we are going to host six unlimited giveaways for Avinashtech Readers soon which simply means that you wont need to enter a contest or draw to get a license key of the software. Everyone will get … Read more