Each one of you do store a whole lot of information on your mobile phone including many critical and sensitive data. With the availability of good Camera in phones along with the rapid increase in popularity of smartphones, more and more sensitive data is being stored on the mobile device by the users.

But often, your mobile device data can be easily accessible to someone else if you just let them see it or just leave it on your desk unattended for few minutes etc.  Usually you would not like anyone else including your friends and family to get access to to sensitive data like some of your SMS messages, contacts, files like pictures etc.  stored on your Phone.

Loky can help you secure your SMS messages, contacts, files on your Phone so that only you can have access to all those critical and sensitive stuff. Lets see what this app does:

Secures contacts

Loki lets you secure your sensitive contacts by using a separate contact lists. The contacts added in loki secure address book wont appear in your default address book or anywhere else.

The drawback here– You need to add your contacts manually as you can not import any of the existing contacts from your default address book.

Secures SMS & MMS

After you have added contacts to loki secure address book, all SMS & MMS from those contacts will automatically gets saved into loki and wont appear in your default messaging app at all.

Secures files

It lets you store, manage and view media files, documents inside secure file locker.  Unlike the contacts manager, it does show you a list of available files on your device and you can easily select the file you want to secure. Just select it and you are done.

Protects privacy

Everything in Loky is securely protected by a 4-digit PIN set by you while installing the Loky app first time. You can change the PIN later on too if required.

Apart from these features, it also comes with Autolock option which locks your handset automatically if you are away. It also notifies you when you get a Loky SMS using some sound or vibration so that you can check for the new messages.

You can also capture images directly from inside the Loky and automatically the image will be locked after being saved.

Supported handsets

Loky is available for Android, Blackberry and Nokia phones.

Loky is not a free App though and costs $4.99. But thanks to GetJar Appstore, you can get it for free from the GetJar Appstore. It is available for Free there. If you don’t have GetJar App, you can download it from here.