We have been hearing some good things about WindowsPhone for last few weeks in fact months. With the work progressing on with the next version of Microsoft Operating System i.e. Windows8, WindowsPhone too is making some decent inroads into the mobile devices segment. With the release of some new WindowsPhone models in the market and with increase in the number of apps that are available in the Windows store, Microsoft do seem to have made some decent progress.

If you are a Android Phone user or even a iPhone user, then you can use your browser to run a demo of WindowsPhone without installing anything. Windows Phone Twitter account made a tweet informing us about this demo. You just need to open a URL in your Android or iPhone browser to have this demo.

Just go to aka.ms/wpdemo and the demo will load almost instantly on your Phone. Just tap it and wow, it will change your phone into a Windows Phone. Do remember that it is just a demo and hence everything that you see in demo is not related at all to your Phone data. You can just tap anything, swipe the screen, go through different apps and do almost everything thats possible on Windows Phone. The link will not work from your PC or even any other Phone browser.

Honestly, I did enjoyed the demo and its great compared to previous version of Windows for Phones. Many features are better than Android or iPhone but still we need to test it on original Windows Phone to make proper inclination or views about it. So, if you have a android Phone or iPhone, you must try this demo.

Thanks Ashwin for the tip.