I have always felt the default Android Lockscreen looks boring, if only I could change it. And then I came across a few apps which did that, both free and paid, the free ones weren’t nearly as good as the paid alternative, Widgetlocker. However, we are not going to discuss all those apps, let me quickly  introduce you to a wonderful app called MagicLocker.

What makes it special is the fact that it has many beautiful themes, some of which are customizable.The list of themes available include iphone, HTC, Samsung themes, etc.

Here is the default theme: (The right eye moves from side to side, while the left one glows and the unlock button blinks.)

Best of all, MagicLocker is free and doesn’t require root, what are you waiting for?

Download it from appbrain: MagicLocker Main

You can also get the Android Ice Cream Sandwich Ring lock on your phone with Magic locker. Take a look at it, gorgeous isn’t it?

Here is the link for the theme: Android4free-MagicLockerTheme 

Be advised that you will not be able to add widgets to the lockscreen with this app, perhaps they will add this feature in the future.


1. To change the settings for MagicLocker, open your App Drawer and look for MagicLocker, there will be two apps listed. The second app is the one you want, as it opens the MagicLocker Settings from where you can select, download themes and customize them.

Here is what the settings page looks like:

2. Set it as the default app for your home button, it will work fine and not disable your home launcher. This is required to run the app without problems.

3. Installing a theme, click on the downloaded theme, its actually an apk and will open. Click on the “Install theme” button and follow tip 1 to enable it.