Andorid platform is targeted more and more these days with the rate of growth of Malware on this mobile platform has been too steep. PC computer Security vendor Comodo has come out with a security application for Android devices called Comodo Mobile security to help protect your devices from against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky settings, protect your privacy and keeps your system optimized. Comodo has been producing free security products for PC like Comodo Antivirus, Firewall, Internet security etc.

Comodo Mobile Security comes with more features like SMS/ Call blocker, software manager and privacy protection along with the usual security features like Antivirus.


It comes with a real-time (always ON) virus protection and an on demand scanner which keeps your device clear of viruses and unsafe apps. Whenever you install any app from Android Market or any other source, it scans the app during the install. There is an additional one touch scans as well as a system “Health Check” feature that quickly identifies viruses, unsafe apps and potentially risky settings.

The GUI interface is quite good and simple to understand. It shows you the device summary with details like processes running, amount of Memory used, calls blocked, private calls, SMS , Installed apps etc. all at one place.

You can just click on “Health check” and it will scan your system for any issues. When scan is finished, it will give you details of any dangerous items being present on your system, items that you should attend to if its not as per best security practice e.g in my scan it shows two items being insecure. One being the USB debugging mode being ON and the other being the option of “Unknown app installation permission” being turned ON too. I have these two settings turned for testing purposes and it should be turned off for people who don’t know or not sure about stuff they download from different sources. IF you want, you can just click on “Process” on the pending items and it will lead you to set the option right for you.

You can even run an On demand Antivirus scan just by clicking the Antivirus tab on utilities tab. It scans all your system and use apps installed on your system. one feature that was missing or I missed it somewhere that it scans the apps only or the system processes that are running. It didn’t scan SD card though.

Software and process manager

This app also comes with a software manager and Process manager. You can use it to uninstall any software installed on your device or use it to kill any running process on your device to free some Memory if your device is running slow. It lets you have a look on which processes are running, how much memory each of these use  along with the option of killing any one of them.

App Protector/ Locker

It also comes with app protector which lets you protect your apps using a password so that no one else can tamper with them. You can just select the apps you want to lock on your device using App protector and it will get locked. Next time when someone wants to run that app, he needs to offer a password that you had set to run that App. Sounds great 🙂

SMS and Call Blocking

It also comes with a call and SMS blocker built inside.  It can filter out annoying SMS messages that too by keywords if you add them and phone calls by configuring black/white contact lists. If you want you can simply block all text messages containing certain keywords by adding those annoying keywords into it.

Lock your Contacts, Phone numbers, SMS with password

It can lock all your  contacts, phone numbers and text messages so that only you have access to this critical data and information. Just use this feature and your phone will be safe from any peeping eye. It gives you option to import your existing contacts from the device address book in just a click. It also lets you import existing SMS to this password protected area. Using this feature, all your private information is safe now and protected with a password which can be as long as 16 letters or digits.


Honestly, I was not so happy to see another security app for Android and that too from Comodo. But looks like it did beat my expectations by miles. It’s a great app which provides you antivirus security feature along with loads of other privacy features like locking your Apps, locking your contacts, phone numbers and SMS with password. These features now are covered by number of apps some of them need you to spend money on them. But this app does blow away many existing app and that too free. If you have a android device, you must try this App.

Grab Comodo Mobile Security here.