If you are a smartphone user or a gadget user, you must be using QR codes instead of URLs for opening and browsing different webpages or products. For those of you who are not aware of what a QR code is, here is a brief intro. QR code is basically short form of ” Quick Response” code which basically is a two dimensional bar codes and can be scanned easily using your smartphone or gadgets with Bar Code Scanners. Even though QR codes can be used for storing various kind of information, we will be talking here solely in terms of storing the web URLs which when scanned using a bar code scanner can be opened on your smartphone or Gadget.

These QR codes can be found on your TV, on the subway, on your mail, as links to pictures, webpages or as downloadable link to mobile apps.Generally the device owner or user is unaware of the authenticity of the final destination that any QR code leads to. These QR codes can be used for phishing or for infecting your device with malware by cyber-criminals if you are not cautious. Norton Snap QR Code Reader app developed by well known security vendor symantec protects you, your mobile device, and critical or sensitive data on your device  from online threats by warning you of dangerous QR codes and blocking unsafe websites even before they load on your device.

It uses the existing service of Norton called Norton safe web to instantly match the scanned QR code to check if the website is secure or not. It provides you the information whether the QR code is secured or not even without you opening that webpage helping you stay away from Phishing and malware. It gives you a option to open the webpage, share it or snap the QR code.

Key Features:

QR CODE SCANNER protects you from malicious QR codes and dangerous websites:
• Automatically scans QR codes and checks to see if they’re safe or if they are fake or malicious sites set up to scam you.
• QR code scanner that checks the safety of websites BEFORE they load on your device.
• FREE BETA for a limited time (US only).

NORTONâ„¢ SAFE WEB automatically stops online threats before they can infect your mobile device and mess with your stuff:
• Identifies trusted sites and lets you visit them immediately.
• Blocks unsafe, fake or phishing sites and stops online threats before your browser even loads.
• Expands shortened Web site addresses so you can see where a link really goes before you click on it.

NORTON RATING instantly tells you if a website is safe or dangerous:
• Easy-to-read rating icon lets you know if a site is secure or not.
• Clicking the rating icon takes you to the full Norton Safe Web site, which provides in-depth information about the site, including country of origin and what safety or security issues were found.

SHARE SNAP lets you easily share cool sites with friends and warn them of dangerous ones:
• Sends a quick message to friends so you can let them know what sites are worth visiting.
• Gives you a variety of ways to share: Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and even texts and other code scanners.

Norton Snap BETA is available now for Android, iOS phones and tablets.For the time being this App is available for FREE.

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