The biggest concern raised by Android users have been the bad performance of batteries on Android devices whether its a Smart phone or a tablet. Android smart phones battery never last for more than a day if you are using it even moderately.  By moderate use of smart phone we mean here we mean doing things like texting, making Calls, Music, Ebooks, updating/installing apps, light browsing etc. on the smart phone. We have not heard about any battery improvements even with the release of the latest version of Android 4.0 i.e. Ice cream sandwich.

Hence users are forced to use apps which can help users to save and extend Battery life by optimising the services on smartphone. Some time back we have covered Juice Defender which does a excellent job of saving battery life. But you cant use it to its full potential as that requires you to buy a pro version (Free version comes with some limitations). Today we will talk about another great  App called Battery Defender which does the excellent job of extending battery life.

The best thing about this App is that it is too simple to use. Even a novice user can use it to its full potential without getting involved into complex settings. You can just enable it, forget it and it will do its work automatically. It shows battery percent in the notification bar and users can switch easily between WiFi/GPS/data/blue-tooth  if required.

It comes with Power save mode, Night schedule  settings and Extreme save mode. The last two modes cover network settings and disables network during low battery & Night between 0am to 12 am. For most users, only enabling the Power save mode will do the work.

This App saves battery by automatically disabling WiFi and data connection after you have turned off your screen(with 15~20s latency). It also uses Genius Sync, to allow app to sync every few minutes but save battery.

It also disables data network and WiFi connections when you are sleeping i.e during night. You can customise this sleeping time as per your own preference.

We have seen immense battery life improvement after using it. Just check the screenshot from one of our Forum Mod Ashwin smart phone use along with this App.

As you can see, his Android smart phone has lasted almost for three days which is excellent as most Android users will agree that their Phone doesn’t last for more than one day if used moderately.

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