Internet Download Manager [Review + Giveaway]

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Managing downloads can be a tricky job, especially if you are a download junkie. Moreover there are many countries where network infrastructure is so bad that it is very hard to get good download speeds. So you end up downloading few hundred megabytes of data after wasting almost a whole day.

If you are a victim of the above problems, then probably you need a download manager to help you out. These download managers not only organizes and manages your downloads but also accelerates them. It helps you reach your optimum download speed and thus improves your download experience.

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Avinashtech Birthday Celebrations ABC3 is Officially Over

Avinashtech ABC2 - Avinashtech Birthday Celebrations ABC3 is Officially Over

Finally Avinashtech Birthday Celebrations ABC3 is Officially Over. Celebrations this year was much bigger than I expected or planned. Honestly, I never expected to be able to grab so many goodies for our readers as our traffic has went down for various reason for last few months. But thanks to enormous support from Forum members Like Mike, Ashwin, Arnab, Grr, Corker, Jeremy, Samuel and many more helped me grab so many giveaways making the count almost reach 50.

Even I was too worried about how I would be able to review all the software’s listed for giveaway and then manage the license keys etc. along with all the back-end work like talking with developers etc., related to grabbing these license keys. But again everyone came to my rescue and helped me in doing the reviews. Apologies if I missed someone’s Name here.

Avinashtech ABC2

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Online Armor Premium Firewall [Review + Giveaway]

Online Armor Logo - Online Armor Premium Firewall [Review + Giveaway]

Apart from having a good Antivirus solution on your system, you need a good firewall solution too on your system to make the protection almost perfect. Online Armor Premium is a great firewall solution if you are looking for a commercial firewall to complement your existing Antivirus solution.

Online Armor Logo


If you use online banking, buy things online, send and receive emails or just browse the internet then you’re open to serious threats that your Antivirus Software just wasn’t designed to stop. That’s where Online Armor’s Personal Firewall comes in.

As many of you may be aware that Online Armor Firewall offers a free version too with some limited features. The additional features that are being offered in paid version apart from the technical support, are:

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Linkman:complete bookmark manager [Review + Giveaway]

Linkman Overview - Linkman:complete bookmark manager [Review + Giveaway]

If you are one of those users who browse the web too much and hence had to keep track of loads of webpages in one form or another by using some form of Bookmarks, Linkman is a great tool for you. Linkman is basically short form of Link Manager which can manage loads of bookmarks, … Read moreLinkman:complete bookmark manager [Review + Giveaway]

Block, filter spam with Mailwasher: Review and License key Giveaway

Using Mailwasher - Block, filter spam with Mailwasher: Review and License key Giveaway

Spam is almost a integral part of our emails these days and unless we got some effective anti spam tools associated with our email account, spam makes it to the Inbox bypassing the spam filters with your mail account. Mailwasher is a great Spam filter to check and manage your e-mails before you download them. … Read moreBlock, filter spam with Mailwasher: Review and License key Giveaway