Many blogs are reporting that Mozilla has released Firefox 5 final even though not officially, but the installer is available on Mozilla FTP servers. The official release date for Firefox 5 final is 21st June, so we are still 3 days away from official release date. If you check the Mozilla firefox FTP servers, we do find a installer for Firefox 5 but the question is, is it the final version? We will try to look at this question in this post as we a Avinashtech do believe, we should wait for final official versions of any software tool instead of jumping to download the versions which are still not officially out.

For those of you who are amused at such a early release of Firefox 5 after firefox 4, be aware that Firefox too has sitched to a rapid release cycle of 3 months just like Chrome. his means that you will have a new version of Firefox every 3 months.

So, Les try to look at the installer of Firefox 5 that is available on FTP servers. On checking the date of installer, you will find the last modified date of installer to be 16th June which is almost 5 days ahead of official Firefox 5 Final release date.

If you try to reach the Firefox 5 final directory using the browser, you will be greeted with the following message.

Thanks for your interest in Firefox 5

We aren’t quite finished qualifying Firefox 5 yet. You should check out the latest Beta.

When we’re all done with Firefox 5 it will show up on

If you even download the build available and install it, you will be directed to the page below after you finish installation which says that you are running the Firefox 5 beta version.

So what do you make of these observations? MY opinion, the build available for Firefox 5 is still not the final one and you should wait few more days to grab the final version of Firefox 5.

Still hose of you who still want to try the build available on FTP servers, here is the link of FTP server directory.