As many of you are aware that popular Angry Birds game which was available on phones like Android and Iphone was made available on your desktop using the Chrome browser. You can play the popular Angry Birds game inside your chrome browser now without downloading anything. You need to just open in your chrome browser and start playing.

By default all levels of the game are locked except first and you need to clear subsequent levels to get access to the next level. Looks like developers from wesbos have just posted a small hack which you can just paste it in your chrome address bar and wow, all the levels of Angry birds game are unlocked. You can play any of the levels as you wish. It also unlocks few special Chrome browser levels.

Here is the javascript code which unlocks all the levels. Just paste this Javascript when you are playing the Angry birds game and all the levels will be unlocked.

[code] javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3’); i++; } window.location.reload(); [/code]

If you want to lock those levels again, just use the javascript code below.

[code] javascript: var i = 1; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’-1′); i++; } window.location.reload(); [/code]

If you love to play angry birds, then you can give it a try to preview the levels ahead.

Via : wesbos