Facebook is well known for its disregard for users privacy concerns and as most of us do know that Facebook keeps changing privacy settings on its own without user permission to suit it needs. It had happened in the past often and now facebook did it again. Facebook automatically turned on a facial recognition feature for everyone that detects a user’s face in an image and asks your friends to tag it.

Facebook facial recognition feature lets users tag their friends in photographs. This tagging is not done by Facebook but by your friends (everyone in your friends list). One of the most uncomfortable issue is Facebook doesn’t give users any option to avoid being tagged in a photo; but instead, user must untag themselves from the tagged images if they dont like being tagged. Thats ridiculous. You cant go on removing every image tagged with your name each time someone else tags it with your name.

Here is a small way on how to opt out  or disable this facial recognition feature

  • Go to your Facebook account’s privacy settings.
  • Click on “Customise settings”.
  • Under “Things others share” you should see an option titled “Suggest photos of me to friends. When photos look like me, suggest my name”.
  • Click on “Edit settings” and disable this feature in the next popup window..

The problem here is that majority of Facebook users don’t even know how to setup their privacy settings and what are the consequences. Instead of disabling Privacy features by default, Facebook is enabling them by default. So unless a user changes that option, it will be enabled. Also, most of the time Users are not even aware of these privacy settings changes.