Even though Facebook faces loads of privacy concern from users around the world, it is growing too fast and adding more users with each passing day. Today we wont be talking about that privacy aspect, but about using a tool called fbdownloader which can help you to Download Facebook tagged photos, albums and friends’ photos for free at once without any hassle of downloading them manually one by one.

Facebook makes it too easy to share online your Pictures, photos with your etc. friends, family and colleagues, but with time you lost track of these photos unless you have uploaded them properly by categorizing them with tags, dates etc. Normally the case is opposite to that. If required, it is a big tedious job to download all your photos or even your friends photos manually as most facebook users have uploaded hundreds of pictures. Fbdownloader is a small tool (even less than 1 MB in size) which can automate the process of downloading your facebook tagged photos, albums and friends’ photos for free.

For using this, you need to login to Facebook using this and give permission to this app to access your Facebook information just as you do with any other Facebook application. Just dont know why though that it need the permission to email me too whenever it wants. Not good if you are too much concerned about spam emails. But still, you can revoke access to this application anytime by logging into your Facebook account.

After you are logged in, you can just select the pictures or albums of your friends or yourself and download them.

Download Fbdownloader.

PS:-  This simple tool shows that how easy it is to download your photos by anyone in your friends list on Facebook. So next time you allow anyone to be a friend on Facebook, think about it. Also, think about everything that you put on Facebook.

Via: Gizmo