Some of you may remember my last post about Yahoo messenger 11 which brings Facebook Integration along with moving your chat or conversation history from offline mode to online mode, which means from now onwards, all your chat history will be saved online on yahoo servers instead of your local system. Also, there was no option to disable this feature so that your chat conversation or chat history to be saved offline instead of online.

All your chat history if enabled is available inside your Yahoo mail account. It is visible just below your Inbox inside Yahoo Mail. It lists all those chats/ conversations just as your regular email. If you want to delete any particular conversation or all of them, you can do that easily by logging into your Yahoo mail account.

Just Navigate to Yahoo Mail>> Conversations>> and select the conversations you want to delete and press delete button. That’s all.

Hopefully, when final version of Yahoo messenger 11 comes out, we will have a option to save Chat history fully offline. It would be great if we get a option to put certain conversations off the record in the same way as Google talk or Gmail chat allows us to do.

At this moment, if you wish, you can disable the feature of saving the chat conversations or chat history fully by navigating to chat history options inside your yahoo messenger.

What do you think about all this? Share your feedback if you use Yahoo messenger.