Send free SMS, Text Messages with Gmail Chat

There are many web services available to send SMS or text messages for Free. Popular email service Gmail too is now offering you this feature inside its web-mail and now you can send  SMS or text messages to almost anyone in the world. This new option of sending SMS was visible in my Gmail account just yesterday.

 Chat option in your Gmail account is now changed to “Chat and SMS“. To send a SMS to any of your contacts, just hover your mouse to any contact and Click on More tab. There you can see the option of “Send SMS”.

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Turn your Gmail Inbox to Facebook like stream with FLUENT

Did you ever imagined your Gmail emails, Inbox to look and operate like the way Facebook stream is? Most of you would answer that to a big NO, which includes me.  Thanks to FLUENT, a start-up by trio of Ex-Googlers you can have your emails look and operate just like your Facebook stream. The service at the moment is invite only and you need to wait to get a invite as the  invites for the service are closed at the moment.


It comes with the ability to view email threads & replies at a glance just like the Facebook, preview attachments as a image gallery, and ability to reply, archive or add to your to-do list easily with just one click.

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Remotely access another computer through Chrome browser or Chromebook

Till now we have been using different applications to remotely access another computer. Some of these applications which are being widely used for Remote Desktop application include Teamviewer, Logmein, Go to your PC and few more. Some of these remote Desktop applications are free e.g o give TeamViewer. Looks like Google want to provide another way … Read more