We have been talking about Integrating Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc. right inside Google plus stream or interface in our previous posts. Most of these posts are based on some extension or addon available for browsers like chrome or Firefox. Today we will talk about another extension Start G+ for Chrome which can combine all these features into a single extension.


  • Put your Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google Plus stream, complete with “Stream” links on the side and rich media
  • Automatically post to Facebook AND Twitter whenever you share something on Google Plus (you can turn this on/off from within the share window in Google Plus – see the screenshots)
  • Add a Gmail inbox notifier to the top bar, so that you do not have to keep a gmail tab open. Clicking on the Gmail icon shows a menu with the unread messages that let you access your emails directly inside Google+.

Start G+ is a great chrome extension if you are looking for combining all your Facebook and twitter streams with your Google Plus stream right inside Google plus web interface. It also lets you update your Twitter and Facebook status along with Google plus. You just post a update or share to Google plus and it will be posted and updated on both Facebook, twitter automatically along with Google Plus. Hence same message is posted on all your social network at the same time and you just need to post it on Google plus instead of three times on Facebook, twitter and Google Plus.

Your Facebook and twitter streams are displayed along with Google+ stream so that you can see the streams of Google plus, Facebook and twitter in single stream. It is a great feature for anyone who want all his social networks stream at one place.

Download Start G+