Google seems to be in fast lane since last few months. We keep getting something new every week almost. Today we will talk in brief about Google’s Poolparty Photo sharing App which is developed by Slide (Google acquired it last year). At the moment, the service is open for anyone by invitation only. The web interface too is quite minimal, in fact its same as the mobile or smart phone interface as available through iPhone and Androip Apps of Poolparty.


Pool Party (invite-only beta)Instant photo fun

Pool Party is a simple, free photo sharing app. Create group albums and see your friends’ photos as they happen in real-time.

Pool Party is invite-only at the moment. If you haven’t already been invited to Pool Party by a friend, you can visit our website ( to request an invitation.

This description is taken from Android Market App and iPhone Appstore. On the website of Poolpartyapp, you cant find even that. The app looks designed more from the point of view of Group photo sharing by smartphone users. We are still not sure what Google is going to do with all these photo related services. It already has Picasa which is already integrated in Google+. We also have heard about Google’s Photovine which still we do not have any access to.

Thanks to our Forum Mod Mike, we have got 20+ Invites to share with. If you would like to try Poolpartyapp, just ask for invites. The invites are right now given in the order of First come First serve. Just leave a comment here asking for invite and hopefully we can give everyone a invite.