Google debuted another new service from its bag. Just browsing through Google search, I saw something new on Google search Homepage.  A new line was there below the Google Search Box i.e.

Polar bears? Space travel? Chocolate cake? What do you love?”

If you click on ” What do you loe”, you are taken to a new URL which is the home page for What do you love. The page says, its a service from Google. Just enter a keyword in the box just like you do for Google search and on the next page you will find loads of information, but different from Google search results.

I typed “Kaspersky” as keyword and on next page, got a whole lot of information. It looks like Google has tried to combine everything into a single page. Just have a look at the screenshot to know what I am talking about. You can see results like Image search, Email alerts,  Patents, Books, debate, Google voice calling, Youtube videos, Maps, Blogger, Groups, Mobile and much more.

I am not sure exactly what they want to do with this new service, but may be they are combining everything to build a new product just like they did with Google Plus.