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Add Google Reader and Share option inside Google+ [Chrome Extension]

If you are one of the users like me who use Google Reader to reads feeds from loads of websites in a single window and love to use Google+ also, then a chrome extension just released can help you bring Google Reader right inside Google+. RSS Share for Google Plusâ„¢ and Google Readerâ„¢ chrome extension when installed lets you read all your Google Reader feeds on the Google Plus homepage. It also adds a option of “Adds a “Share on Google+” button on Google Reader”.


  • Share on Google+” button in Google Reader
  • (Optional) Add Google Reader section to Google+
  • Show read and unread RSS items on Google Plus
  • Choose if read items are shown
  • Instantly share any link
  • Google Reader unread count on Google Plus
  • j/k key bindings for scrolling through RSS items on Google Plus
  • Infinite scrolling for RSS items
  • Click on title to refresh unread count
  • Tree view of feeds

This extension displays your Google Reader folders, feeds and tags in the side-bar alphabetically. So you may need to make some minor changes while arranging your Google Reader folders, feeds and tags. Also, you may see some performance issues with chrome and may get stuck if you got loads of feeds just like mine( I have more than 100 feeds listed inside my Google Reader).

Get RSS Share for Google Plusâ„¢ and Google Readerâ„¢

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