How often you are worried about security of your email account? Or how often have you tried to find out if someone else has used your account? or someone else is logged into your email account at the same time i.e. concurrent sessions? Or you are not at all worried about your account and consider yourself  to be lucky or your password to be too good for anyone to hack?

Even if your password is too strong, still everyone should be careful about the security of his/her account. Gmail has a inbuilt feature inside your account which lets you watch your account with precise information about your Gmail account activity log. There’s a link at the bottom of your Gmail screen (after you are logged in) that shows when your account was used and from where.

If you click on “Details“, it will show you a detailed information relating to your account acivity in past 24 hours. The data includes the time, the way the account was accessed (e.g. browser, toolbar, POP3) and IP address of the places from your account was accessed.

If any of these details show some unusual activity, then you will know that something phishy is going on with your account and then you can take some steps to protect your account before some hacks it completely.

If you think your account has been compromised

You’ll need to change your password and your security question. The first step is to read our suggestions on choosing a good password to make sure that your new password is secure. Then, follow the instructions in How do I change my password? to update your password.

Google provides some more info on this feature in its help section and you can access it here. Do check your account activity logs if you want your Gmail account not to be compromised or hacked.