Looks like developers are putting lot of effort to create extensions or addons which improves the user experience on Google Plus. Today we will talk about another Google Chrome browser extension G+me which Collapse the Google+ stream into a real-time dashboard making it too easy for you to keep track of long conversations happening on Google+. This chrome extension gives you ability to manage your Google plus stream by providing notification status visible at all times, Collapsible comments, Collapsible posts Mark comments as read, Real-time comment count on collapsed items, List-mode option keeps at most one post displayed, Mouse-over instant preview.

Developers Description

G+me is a Google Chrome browser extension that enhances the Google+ web app to make it much easier to process a large stream of incoming posts and comments and to unlock the potential of Google+’s real-time updates.


  • Notification status visible at all times. You no longer have to scroll the page to the top and you don’t have to keep going back to the browser tab with Google+. You will always know when you get new notifications because the browser button is always visible with a badge.
  • Collapsible comments. Thanks to a side bar always within view, it’s quick and easy to hide hundreds of comments from anywhere in the discussion.
  • Collapsible posts. You can hide and unhide a post without muting it. This is great if you’re not really interested in seeing a post and all its comments right now, but you still want to get back to it at a later time. The downside of muting a post is that you will never see it again and you stop getting any notifications of responses to any comments you may have made on that post.
  • Mark comments as read. Collapsing posts/comments automatically keeps track of the comments you’ve seen; the extension remembers.
  • Real-time comment count on collapsed items. Whether you like to collapse comments or posts, you won’t miss any incoming comments. The extension shows you the total number of seen or unseen comments, updated live.
  • List-mode option keeps at most one post displayed. Combined with real-time comments, this turns the stream into a dashboard: in one screenful you can see activity on many posts at once and jump back and forth between multiple active comment streams. This will greatly benefit those who follow popular people who post a lot and/or get a lot of comments.
  • Mouse-over instant preview. In list mode, hover the mouse over a collapsed post to get a preview of the content at the side. The preview is fully functional.
I wish all these features must have been incorporated with Google plus itself instead of some Developer writing a extension for it. If you are a Google plus user and use a chrome browser, then you should start using this addon. Also, if you still have not received a Google Plus invite, Ask here and we will invite you.