In our previous posts, we have talked about how to move your Facebook friends to Google+ using Yahoo mail. Today we will talk about how to move all your Facebook photos to Google+ photos (Picasa for the time being, Will be renamed to Google+ photos hopefully). We will be taking help from chrome extension Move Your Photos which can export all your Facebook photos to Google+ photos.

Developers Description

Move Your Photos (formerly Move2Picasa) helps you to transfer your Facebook albums/photos selectively to Google’s Picasa and the you can share them with your Circles.

After you install this extension, you just need to login to your facebook using this App and then it starts scanning your photos in your Facebook account. It lets you choose which photos you want to export instead of All.

Even though the extension is not perfect but it works in most cases. People with large number of Facebook photos may face some issues like incomplete export  or the wrong dates on which photos were created during the export. Also, it will work till Facebook doesn’t block it as it did with the contact export tool extension.

I am not sure if transferring all your Facebook photos to Google+ is a good or bad idea but most users at Google plus do want to transfer their photos from Facebook to Google Plus.