Google+ is still going strong after almost 2 weeks of launch. Today, we will talk about a Google Chrome extension which will let you add your Gmail right inside Google+ notifications bar which is being loved by many Google+ users worldwide. This chrome extension “Native GMail for Google Plus – Beta” adds Gmail unread Email count to Google+ Bar and it keeps on checking your Gmail messages as and when they arrive.

Developers Description

Native GMail Plus integrates Google Mail into your Google Plus profile. In options you can set if you need refresh interval and the interval rate.

The extension install quite easily and works quite well. I tested it with my Google+ account and it was able to grab the new email messages as soon as they arrived.

The only option you can set with this extension is that you can set the frequency of the checking of your gmail. Just install this extension and enjoy a much better Google+ experience.

Download Native GMail for Google Plus – Beta