Hangouts are pretty nice way to get in touch with some great people, friends and Family on Google plus. Hangout have been one of the reasons which separates it from other social networks. Sometime, the Google plus stream is too large and hence we may miss out some great hangouts that’s going on in our stream. A simple Chrome extension My Hangouts from mohamedmansour helps you  all active hangouts in your Google+ stream.

The chrome extension adds a  browser action icon in the toolbar of chrome browser on the corner next to the wrench (Chrome settings button). You need to just click the icon, and a list of all your active Hangouts will appear.

You can just hover over the total number of participants to see who is active in that particular  hangout and the number of people. If the number of people in that hangout is less than 10, then you can join that Hangout by clicking the Join button at the left. Active hangouts will have a blue icon while inactive hangouts will have a grey icon with a question mark.

Get My Hangouts for Google Plus

What is your opinion about these Hangouts? Have you ever tried any Hangout? IF not, then give it a try to interact with some great people over the web which otherwise is almost impossible in any other way for common people.