iPhone 5 appears on ebay.in listings starting at Rs 76,000+

If you are an Apple iPhone Fan and want to grab iPhone 5 much before its official launch, then here is some good news for you. iPhone 5 is appearing in ebay.in sellers listings and is available for pre-order, obviously at a huge premium even though we are far away from official launch of iPhone 5 in India (probably sometime in November 2012). The listings appear for iPhone 5 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB Factory unlocked models.

iPhone 5 appears on ebay.in listings starting at Rs 76,000+ 1

Apple iPhone 5 16GB Factory Unlocked + Sealed Pre-Order is being offered at Rs 76,000 whereas the 16 GB model is offered at Rs 82,000 and 64 GB Model at Rs 88,000. Seller is offering to ship the iPhone 5 after 24th or 25th of September. First three listings for different models are made by the same seller in Bangalore.

If you take into account the normal price of iPhone 5, we assume that it will be launched at the same price at which iPhone 4S was launched in India, which comes out to be at Rs 44,500 for the 16 GB Model. Hence the premium that these ebay.in sellers are asking is almost double the price at which you will get an iPhone 5 if you can wait few months.

If you are so impatient to try the new iPhone and ready to pay a hefty premium on it, then you can head on to ebay.in and can place the order at your own risk. Keep in mind, these listings are made by individual sellers and Apple has nothing to do with it. JUst search for iPhone 5 on ebay.in and you will get these listings.

Also, keep in mind that you need Nano SIM for iPhone 5 which is not provided by any of the telecom service providers in India yet. But you can make your own Nano SIM using the step by step guide here.

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