[Giveaway+ Review] Encrypt and Secure Files, Folders, Removable Disks with Secure My Files

Nothing is safe in this online world. Everyone is prone to cyber attacks but the level of exposure varies considerably depending on the habits of the netizen. If the user has secure habits, then he and his data are less prone to cyber attacks. Encryption is one such method that helps you secure your data … Read more

Sync bookmarks, extensions, apps, theme, and browser preferences across multiple computers

Today we will talk about the sync feature of Google Chrome browser which lets you Sync your bookmarks, extensions, apps, theme, and browser preferences across multiple computers. Keep in mind that we are talking only about  Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. This sync feature of Chrome browser saves your settings to your Google … Read more

Another Dropbox security glitch: No password required

Looks like its bad days for Dropbox itself and its users too. A recent update on Dropbox introduced a bug into Dropbox Authentication system which basically allowed any password to enter into any account. This simply meant that during that security glitch or breach, anyone who knew your username can enter into your dropbox account … Read more

Are Dropbox files stored really private? Not with Dropbox Reader

Dropbox is one of the biggest cloud storage service that people around the web use for storing their important files. Dropbox provide both free and paid versions of its product. I am one of those guys who avoids putting my sensitive files on the cloud regardless of whatever security and encryption they boast to provide. … Read more