Nothing is safe in this online world. Everyone is prone to cyber attacks but the level of exposure varies considerably depending on the habits of the netizen. If the user has secure habits, then he and his data are less prone to cyber attacks. Encryption is one such method that helps you secure your data and Secure My Files is one of the easiest software to encrypt your data with a password.

Secure My FilesFollowing are the core features of Secure My Files and for each task a hot key is defined :

  1. File Encryption/Decryption
  2. Portable Encryption
  3. Folder Locking

Let us see more about these features.

1. File Encryption/Decryption :

This feature lets you encrypt files only. It supports drag and drop option so that you can easily add individual files or a folder with many files. The encryption will be done on each file. Hence, it’ll take a lot of time to encrypt the data. So, if you have many files to encrypt then it is better to use Secure Bins under Portable Encryption (which we’ll discuss later), as it encrypts whole data at once and in a very small time.

If you are really concerned about security, then you can the use virtual keyboard to escape keyloggers. Also, you can decrypt the encrypted files from this interface.

2. Portable Encryption :

This is the most powerful area of Secure My Files. Portable Encryption creates a toggler (an .exe file) with which we can decrypt the files, even on a system that don’t have Secure My Files software. Say, you’ve encrypted few files using Secure My Files and sent them to a friend who don’t have Secure My Files. Even then he can decrypt them by running the toggler. The toggler will decrypt the files if correct password is given.

Portable Encryption can be done in two ways :

  1. Using Secure Bins.
  2. Removable Drive Encryption.

From above two, I prefer the Secure Bin method, as it is faster than Removable Drive Encryption. In Secure Bin method you have to create a Secure Bin first. Secure bin is like a password-protected capsule, inside which all your files and folders reside. So, if you want to access any of the file, you have to decrypt the capsule first.

Whereas, Removable Drive Encryption is similar to File encryption, where all the files of encrypted individually and it’ll take lot of time to encrypt/decrypt the files individually.

3. Folder Locking :

You can either lock the folders from the main interface of Secure My Files or from the Right Click context menu. In order to lock folders follow the steps below :

  1. Right click on a folder and click on Lock/Unlock.
  2. Then provide the password.

The folder will be locked. Follow the same steps in order to unlock the folder.

Summary :

Pros :

  • Easy to use software.
  • Folder locking is made easy with help of Right Click context menu.
  • You can encrypt any number of files quickly by using Secure Bin method.
  • Portable Encryption lets you decrypt the files even on machines where Secure My Files isn’t installed.

Cons :

  • Needs .net framework. (Not a problem for Vista/7 users, but certainly issue for XP users)
  • If a user enters wrong password while decrypting, no alert is given to the user that the entered password is wrong.
  • License activation is very strict. Without internet it is not possible to activate the software.

Secure My Files is an easy-to-use software that lets your encrypt/decrypt your data, so that you can keep your data safe even in times of data theft. You can also safely transfer that confidential information online.

Download : Secure My Files (Trial)


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