I have talked about Pidgin Off-the-Record Messaging plugin to encrypt your instant messages in my previous post which does a good work of protecting your IMs from spying and hacking guys. Today I will talk about another tool Bitwise IM which is a instant messenger client with Encryption cpabailities letting you secure and encrypt your instant messages over the web.

Bitwise IM is a Encrypted Cross-Platform Instant Messaging for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It provides a personal version for free which encrypts all the  conversations and any data automatically using 128 bit Blowfish encryption. It also got a plus  and professional version which provides 256 and 448 bit encryption respectively. For details about BitWise’s encryption methods, please see their  encryption white paper.

Just see what happens when a message is encrypted using this.

In terms of features, it offers every features that a normal instant messaging client offers like file sharing, voice chat, whiteboards, conferancing, offline Ims and more. Only one feature that is not available here is the  webcam capabaility i.e Video Chat.

To use it, you need to signup for bitwise IM which is Free for personal use. Also, your friend or colleague too need a user name and bitwise IM to be installed to be able to have a secure conversation. Give it a try if you are paranoid about security.

Download Here.