Gmail gets a brand new Inbox on Web, Android and iOS

As speculated last week over the web, Google has announced a new Gmail Inbox bringing better controls with simple, easy organization of the loads of emails that usually lands in our Inboxes. This brand new Gmail is rolling out slowly to users across the web on desktop and mobiles including Android & iOS. The new [...]

Enable Twitter two step authentication via SMS, Will not work for many

Starting today, Twitter has rolled out the two factor authentication to twitter accounts. Similar to Google and Outlook two step authentication, Twitter accounts too will now need another verification code apart from your existing password (if the security feature is enabled). This verification code is based on Twitter via SMS and a verification code will [...]

Google+ Hangouts: How to identify Online friends

As we reported yesterday that Google has replaced the Gtalk or Google chat with a new feature rich Hangouts. The feature is still rolling out to users worldwide slowly, but if you dont want to wait for Google to push it to your Gmail account then you can use a small workaround to enable Google+ [...]

How to enable the new Hangouts in Gmail

We reported yesterday that Google is rolling out a feature rich Hangouts slowly to users wordwide after killing the simplistic Gtalk or Google chat. The feature looks like already integrated for users now, even though its not accessible unless you click few right buttons at right places. Here’s how you can enable the new feature [...]

Gmail and Google Wallet now lets you send money to friends

If you have ever used Paypal, you must be aware that you can send money to your friends, colleagues or someone else by just using his email address. Google is bringing something similar straight to your Gmail interface which lets you send money to friends by just using the email address  within Gmail even if [...]

Google Kills Gtalk with feature rich Hangouts

If you are one of those guys who loved the simplicity of Gtalk compared with other chat or IM clients, here is some bad news for you. Google just killed its simplistic Gtalk with its new feature rich Hangouts which comes with loads of features like one-on-one and group conversations along with photos, emoji, and [...]

Chat with Gmail friends, contacts on, Skydrive

Microsoft has been putting a lot of effort to bring its email service at par with the other popular services like Gmail. It has been adding new features along with revamping the user interface to make it better. In continuation of these improvements, Microsoft has added another feature which lets you connect to your [...]

BlackBerry Messenger BBM coming to Android and iOS this Summer

BlackBerry Messenger BBM is one of the best tools that is available on Blackberry Platform and is often touted by many BB fanboys as one of the reasons of sticking to Blackberry platform. The exclusive nature of BlackBerry Messenger BBM  is soon going to be vanished as the BBM is coming to Android and iOS [...]

Google combines storage for Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos to 15 GB

If you love Gmail and other google services, here is one more reason to do that. Google has just announced that they will be combining the storage space for Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos to 15 GB instead of having separate storage limit of 10 GB for Gmail and another 5 GB for Drive and [...]

Gmail Down partially? Works in chrome but not in Firefox?

Just experienced that Gmail is giving a error while opening it. The error code given is 502 and we are unable to open Gmail including the Google apps service for domains. But here is a small catch. Even though Gmail is giving a 502 error while trying to open it in Firefox, it is working [...]