We reported yesterday that Google is rolling out a feature rich Hangouts slowly to users wordwide after killing the simplistic Gtalk or Google chat. The feature looks like already integrated for users now, even though its not accessible unless you click few right buttons at right places. Here’s how you can enable the new feature rich Hangouts in your Gmail account irrespective of the fact that you are using a chrome browser or not.

Just login to your Gmail account and make sure you are logged into the Gtalk or Google chat too, though you need not do something special to log into chat as its done automatically whenever you log into Gmail. After that just click on your Profile pic at the chat sidebar(located just below your Inbox and other folders in the left side bar of gmail almost at the middle).

Enable Hangouts

Here you will see an option to try out the new Hangout. Just click on that and you will be able to use the new hangouts without waiting for Google to push it to you. After the hangouts is enabled, you will get few popups telling you in short about the features of the hangouts.

Hangouts Features

You can now start using the new hangouts. But at any stage, if you don’t like it you got an option to revert back to old chat too, just by clicking your profile icon in the hangouts a the same place where you enabled the hangouts.