For most of us, Smartphones have become a necessity and with each passing day we are using it more and more to perform different activities of our life. Smartphones have become the center of our life. Thanks to the apps available for almost everything, you can do lot more on your smartphones than you ever imagined. Controlling your Air Conditioners from your smartphone remotely via an App is another useful addition to your Smartphone usefulness.

Haier Smart AC wifiHaier has introduced an Android app which can be used to control your AC remotely via an app called “Haier smart AC”. Using this app and a wifi module, you can manage your AC remotely and use its features like cloud reminder, cloud energy-saving, timing, sleep curve, the intelligent remote upgrade, multi-group control and other functions.

Haier Smart AC appObviously you need a working internet connections both at your home and on your smartphone. The Air conditioner uses a wi-fi module to connect to internet and  to the Haier servers. You need to register your AC model to start using it via the app. On your smartphone, you need to create user name and password to get access to your AC via the app. After you login, you can control your AC from anywhere in the world provided both your AC and smartphone has internet access.

The App is available for Android and iOS platforms at the moment.

Price and Availability

At the moment, only few specific models of Haier ACs support this feature. Models which support this are available in 1 ton & 1.5 ton capacities under the name of Haier Icon Wifi Models Series.

In India, these AC models though are yet to be launched. The Wifi Model will launched by June-2014 end & will be available all over India by July 1st week. The price of these models may start at 40,000 INR and more.