Popular note taking service Evernote has just announced some big security features for its Evernote service. These security additions are two-step verification, authorized applications and access history. These new security feature are announced after the recent security breach of Evernote services sometime back which resulted in service wide password reset for all its users worldwide.

Two-Step Verification ( Available to Premium, Business users only)

Two step verification or authentication is one of the most sought after security feature for any web service and is already implemented by Google, Outlook.com, Twitter and many other web services to protect their users data.

This works in the same way as Google two step authentication. Six-digit verification code is delivered to mobile phone either via a text message or can be generated by an smartphone app such as Google Authenticator.

Evernote two step

The sad part here is, this two step verification is only available to Evernote Premium and Business users only and Free users still need to wait for some time (No ETA)  to get this feature. Apart from that, it is not enabled by default. Users need to set it up or enable it.

This feature can be enabled by visiting the security section of your Evernote Web Account Settings.

Authorized Applications and Access History

Even these two features are similar to Google’s security features. Authorized Applications features let you revoke access of Evernote apps or any other version using your Evernote Web Account Settings which leads to logout from the app and the app will request a password again the next time you use it.

Similarly, Access history feature gives you details of all your access of Evernote service using different devices or apps helping you keep track of it and easily identifying any unauthorised access.

These two features are available to all users including free accounts.

Source: Evernote Blog