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How to disable Firefox inbuilt PDF viewer

If you are a Firefox user, you may have noticed that Firefox has an inbuilt PDF viewer right in the browser itself, which lets you view PDF files on the web easily without installing tools like Acrobat Reader  or Foxit Reader. But often, you may wish to use feature rich tools like Acrobat reader as the inbuilt PDF viewer in Firefox is a bare, with just minimal features for viewing PDF files. For using that, you need to disable the inbuilt PDF viewer in the browser.

Disable Firefox inbuilt PDF viewer

You need to toggle a small setting in Firefox to disable inbuilt PDF viewer. Just type about:config in the address bar and press enter. Just accept the warning that comes and you will see loads of settings that can be changed. In the search bar of the page, just type pdf and you will get access to the setting you need to change.

Default Firefox PDF viewer setting

Default Firefox PDF viewer setting

You will see a setting “pdfjs.disabled” with a value as “false”. Just right click on the setting and click on “toggle”. The value of the setting will now get changed to “true”.

Disable Firefox PDF viewer

Disable Firefox PDF viewer

That’s all. Now your PDf files inside Firefox browser will use your default PDF viewer to view PDF files instead of the built-in viewer.

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