ExtremeCopy Pro Review and License Key Giveaway

This review is Done by our Forum Member Corker. We thank him for doing this excellent review.

Greetings, Avinashtech Readers! Today we have another giveaway for you. 10 licenses for ExtremeCopy Pro are on the table for ten lucky people to bring them home. But let’s not rush in, shall we? Spare your moment to read the following notes before joining the raffle.

Reviewing ExtremeCopy reminds me of some people saying that waiting is the most boring action in the world. Waiting is a term unavoidably associated to something that goes slowly. No, wait! (See what I mean, I just used this word to prevent you from thinking forward) Waiting is not an action. An action requires active movement from us while waiting asks us to sit still and tight instead. In computing world nowadays where demand for speed and acceleration increases geometrically, slowing whatsoever is nearly absurd. Even so, there are few things which still have not developed a lot and copying files is just one example of them. Copying relatively large files in Windows PC could take some time and we can only wait till it is over. Playing music during waiting does not ease the job but makes things worse instead as system resources will be divided to accommodate both.

Much to our delight, third-party developers have created file copier tool to help us manage our copy task and cut off the waiting time. Just like download manager, a file copier fastens, resumes and queues copy task. Fastening copy process is achieved by creating virtual area in memory called “buffer”. The larger the buffer size, the greater the speed generated. There are many file copier on the market, either it is free or paid. ExtremeCopy falls into both because Easersoft has developed it in two edition, Standard and Pro. ExtremeCopy Pro, of course, is the paidware with several upsides and the one we are going to outline here.

This is ExtremeCopy Pro main interface.


It is very minimalistic, don’t you agree? Note that ExtremeCopy Standard has no so-called interface which impacts to copy via context menu imposition and in turn, no access to several advanced features gained upon interface (ExtremeCopy Standard is available as portable application, however).

We have two ways to run copy task. If we choose to start from the interface, it might be less practical but in other hand this offers advantages, e.g. filter to perform copy files of a source folder by extension and preset of commands that can be exported or imported for later use. These commands determine what action will be taken if by chance there are any errors or same file names met during copy process.

Another way which is more casual is via context menu. We’d better open the Configuration menu beforehand through which we can opt for Simple or Normal interface. Selecting Simple interface will hide the dialog when an operation is being executed. We are free to run ExtremeCopy alongside Windows default copier or as Explorer’s default copier that will override Windows copier when copying every files within Windows Explorer. In exchange for this, we get new entry within our context menu, Extreme Paste or Windows Paste, parallel to the mode we have chosen.

Extreme Copy

 Either way we choose, be it from interface or context menu, we can optionally verify the integrity of the file we copied. I am not sure what method is ExtremeCopy using to verify files though. The developer did not answer when I asked him but it is likely CRC32. But no need for keen assumption either since except we are copying files over Network drive, in most cases verification is unnecessary.

But enough with talks. Let’s take a look at how fast ExtremeCopy actually is since speed is what really matters here. I was curious upon reading Easersoft claim that ExtremeCopy is capable of providing 20%-120% speed than Windows default copier has to offer.

I have conducted a small experiment involving ExtremeCopy, XYcopy (default copier of XYplorer, file manager that I use) and Windows default copier. I copied a folder of 5,5 GB size and after triplicating the experiment, it came up an interesting data. ExtremeCopy worked like a charm by acquiring average time 2’48” minutes while Explorer and XYcopy, to my surprise, scored almost identical time 4’46” and 4’45” minutes respectively. I say it was interesting despite the result should have been obvious hypothetically, I felt there was something tricky underneath.


Like I have written above, the larger the buffer size, the greater the speed generated. ExtremeCopy’s buffer ranges from 2 MB to 32 MB size. This value can be adjusted anytime from Configuration menu but by default 32 MB and so was at that time. Windows and XYcopy in other hand, do not offer adjustable buffer option to begin with. The absence of buffer causes transfer rate to decrease from time to time. This is contradicting ExtremeCopy whose buffer enables ExtremeCopy to hold up the high transfer rate so that copy process will be finished faster. Running another experiment in which buffer size was reduced into a half has produced significant degradation of transfer rate.

Thus, based on the experiment, I think transfer speed comparison between ExtremeCopy and Windows copier is rather unfair and manipulated. Until Windows is equipped with similar buffer feature (which is unlikely to happen), ExtremeCopy will always overlap Windows copier. This may apply to other file copier in general. But for sure this upper hand is the essence of file copier existence otherwise users’ need for file copier will be vanished.

Also, you might feel your PC is “hang” for awhile when a file copier is on the road but it is quite normal due to diversion in memory utilization. With nowadays amount of RAM which reaches up to Gigabytes, it should be no problem.


Unless you are in haste or copy large files frequently, perhaps your need for task copier will always be minimum. But in spite of its looks, ExtremeCopy is still a decent file copier with large buffer which lives up ExtremeCopy to its speedy claim. So, do not wait for long but gain full benefit of ExtremeCopy now.

You can download both ExtremeCopy Standard or Pro trial from this page. Now before I forgot to tell you, the current ExtremeCopy 2.0.5 does not support file queue yet but it will have been featured from the upcoming ExtremeCopy 2.1.0 release onwards.


Thanks to Easersoft, we are giving away 10 license keys of ExtremeCopy Pro to readers of Avinashtech. Just follow the simple rules below to enter in this draw.

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  1. Great giveaway. Count me in. ExtremeCopy is an interesting tool to save time while copying files. 
    Subscribed to your feed.
    Share link: http://twitter.com/#!/sharma1118/status/149333035932860416
    Thanks a lot

  2. Great review nice job corker! I thought this is quite interesting software. I am currently using Teracopy for boosting up my file transfer speed and this software seem promising. Would like to have a copy and test it because I used to transfer file a lot from my hard drive to external drive which movie that could reach up to 20GB. 

    Thank for this giveaway and please count me in!


  3. Thank for this giveaway please include me on the list too! I would like to use it to futher improve my file transfer speed because it is a shame that my download speed is sometime even faster than my local transfer speed. Would love to grab a copy myself and hopefully will help me.

    Here my tweet https://twitter.com/#!/coolng1990/status/149345871446818816

    Merry Christmas guy!

  4. Very good review corker. Liked the minimal interface. Amazing transfer rates. Have to keep on transfering data from school into Pc and many a times have to copy movies for relatives or recopy to pc and burn them. Windows copier is sluggish and especially slow and unstable while copying from DVD’s. I hope i could get a license. Thanks. 

  5. I want to win in order to clean up the mess in the end on my computer.
    This program to me this definitely helps ;D

    Thnx for giveaway!

  6. Good review Corker 🙂

    I transfer a lot of files to my flash drives and my phone everyday.I hope to win a license for the pro version as it is much faster than the free one and would help me save some time.

  7. I’m really impressed by the features of Extreme Copy and would like give it a try.It is really powerful product…Please Count me in!

  8. extreme copy can solve one of the most slowest copying method by traditional windows copy file method…. . . .you can pause.. or I just believed it is the most fastest 🙂

  9. I would love to win a license to this to compare it to the two solutions I currently use to speed up copy operations (teracopy – quite good) and supercopier (great) – I wonder if ExtremeCopy Pro is better and quicker – I love to have a license to see!

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/LBCoolG/status/149464476343746560

  10. Good review. Thanks Corker.
    I want to win a pro-license because I think that the pro-version is much faster than the standard-free. Thank you so much.

  11. Thanks Avi.

    Corker –  Thanks for putting a nice review. Appreciate it!!

    Please count me in for the giveaway as I always wanted to have this.


  12. I have been using the free version  for the last 6 months and I am very pleased with it. Count me in for the Pro version, Thank You

  13. i do not have a license and want to get one. the copy-paste on XP is faulty and breaks a lot on me with no reason to understand. So this will help me a lot.

    count me in.

    john d

    • You may head over ExtremeCopy homepage to find the answer. There is the speed comparison between ExtremeCopy and TeraCopy.

  14. I would like to have ExtremeCopy to be able to move files to different drives, like Office files, programs, videos and mp3 files, this will make my job a lot easier.
    Please, count me for 1.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.

  15. I do lots of copy paste operations every day.. I think will be nice to have this program. Thanks for the drawing and count me in, please!

  16. Thanks a lot Avinash and Easersoft for the giveaway and special thanks to Corker for the nice review.I could sure use ExtremeCopy Pro for fast copying of files from PC to other medias and vice-versa.

  17. When I read test about files copy I’m sure that ExtremeCopy is the best for that. Better than TeraCopy, Total Commander and Windows copy of course. When you want copy large files you need Extreme Copy. Merry Christmas!

  18. Thanks to Corker for the nice review. I often copy large amounts of files, so Extreme Copy would be useful for me. Please count me in.

  19. I’m in for this because I do a lot of copying my data around 120 gb from one hard drive to other as I try different things(OS) frequently,so if something goes wrong  i had to backup my data.

  20. ExtremeCopy is a free program to help copy the data. The program copies filesaccording to the manufacturer’s many times faster than standard copy of Windows.ExtremeCopy can pause and resume the file copied. Ability to set the loggingconfiguration record data copied by ExtremeCopy.

  21. Thanx a lot for this great giveaway and review.
    I use a lot of PCs (work, home, laptop) so I copying, moving many files and folders between them. It would be easer with ExtremeCopy Pro.
    Count me in of course.
    Best regards.

  22.  well, really another great giveaway, this really is a must for me, since i have alot of downloaded files ,that i have to move, to different folders and hardrives, this will really be of good help to speed up the time of transfers,hope to win one license, thanks alot, and more power to you……….

  23. I like to enter for this program, as I have to move a lot of movie and music files between my desktop and laptop, count me in

    thanks Avi

  24. great, the best competitor for teracopy. it is very fast as compare to window paste especially in case of big file, it triple up the paste process. provide option of copy pause, also a feature where we can paste copy to different folder from the same file.
    awesome giveaway.

  25. To be honest, I have used it a lot but I still love Teracopy and SuperCopier2.
    In terms of copying, nothing beats ExtremeCopy but what lacks in my view is the interface. It ain’t that beautiful or intuitive that I would like it to be. Having said that, please count me in 🙂


  27. I’m currently using Teracopy Free, I would like to try something else, so please consider me in for this giveaway, thanks.

  28. I am never interested in copying software besides window built in one… but when I am, I started searching.. then I found yours… I would like to try it as soon as possible. Thank you.

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