How to activate Kaspersky license using a keyfile

Few days back We wrote about Kaspersky removing the activation option of its products with keyfile. As I had just the keyfile for Kaspersky Internet Security available with me of the 2009 version whose license was still valid for few weeks more , I tried to find out if i can activate it somehow with the keyfile I had and hence tried to search my old emails where I had stored the Kaspersky Internet security activation code. I was just getting frustrated as I was not sure on how to activate it with the keyfile.

The option of logging into kaspersky account to get back activation code was bit lengthy as I had forgotten the user name, password and almost never logged in there since I activated Kaspersky internet security 2009.  On searching i found another license activation code but that was for  2010 Beta version. I just thought, lets see if this works.

When i entered the activation code into my existing Kaspersky Internet security, it said the license isn’t compatible with the product but the screen also showed me  the option to browse for the key file. I was delighted to see that option of browsing a key file as it solved my problem. I was able to activate my Kaspersky Internet security on my system using the keyfile. I will just put all this in a proper step by step instructions here on how to do this using a key file.

How to activate Kaspersky Internet Security, Antivirus 2010, 2011, 2012 products using a key file

1. Click activate license from menu.

Acivate Kaspersky
Acivate Kaspersky

2. You need to input a valid Beta activation code or  any other product valid activation code. After that it will tell you that the license is not valid or it is incompatible with the product.

3. You will see a page like in the image below.

Activate Kaspersky keyfile
Activate Kaspersky keyfile

4. You can now browse to a valid Key file  on your system and it will complete the activation of  your Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security.

This step-by-step guide works on all Kaspersky Products with 2010, 2011 and 2012 versions.

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    • well, at first i didnt understand what you wanted to say. So i went through your blog and it seems you are talking about, me copying your article about the key activation of kaspersky?

      Which i didnt copied from anywhere. Anyway, i will be writing about another way to use keyfile for activation of kaspersky 2010 products today and i hope you wont say that i copied it from you again.

      • Well, I mean to say that only. But later on, I realized that I was wrong. This usually happened as the title of both post was same 😀

        Anyways, I’m eager to know the alternate method.

        • Hi Mayur,

          its nice that your doubt about copying was cleared soon. I don’t believe in copying otherwise i would have too many more posts than i have now. Even if i copy something from somewhere , you will find a proper credit is given to original author.

          Regarding alternate method, i have already posted it on and perhaps you made a comment there too.

          take care and happy blogging

  1. In recent version s of Kaspersky, you cannot get to the key upload screen from an outdated serial number. The only way to do it is by disabling your internet connect and trying to activate a trial license. Then, an error should occur, and then then key upload screen.

    1) Go to the license link at the bottom of the Kaspersky main screen.
    2) Delete trial license by clicking the red X next to it.
    3) Disable your internet connection (outside of Kaspersky).
    4) Click activate trial license in the same window.
    5) You should get an error telling you that Kaspersky cannot connect to the activation server.
    6) Click OK and select your key file.

  2. Prima di tutto scollegatevi da internet .Eliminate la chiave esistente Cliccate su attivare versione commerciale.

    1. Fare clic su Attiva licenza dal menu.

    Acivate Kaspersky
    2. È necessario inserire un codice di attivazione valido Beta valido o qualsiasi altro codice di attivazione del prodotto. Dopo di che si dirà , la licenza non è valida o la sua incompatibilità con il prodotto.
    usate questo codice di attivazione 11111-11111-11111-1111x.
    key non attivata scegliere posto dove ci sono key scaricate, attivare .
    Collegarsi alla rete ed effettuare aggiornamenti.

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