Paragon’s Partition Manager is hard drive partitioning software that will enable you to change the size of your internal hard drive or any drive connected to the computer.

Partitioning a hard drive enables files to be managed more effectively. For instance, a core partition could be used to host Windows and system files, whilst another partition could handle work and data files. It’s not a wise idea to use a partition to back up important data as it is all stored on the same hard drive.

The optimum allocation of disk resources is the key to managing data and operating systems effectively. You can easily and safely organize your hard drive with Partition Manager software. It provides flawless partitioning operations of all kind: merge, split  resize partitions and redistribute free space, initiate new hard drive, convert to different file systems and much more.

Partition Manager 9.0 allows you to:

  • Perform basic partitioning operations: create/format/delete partitions

  • Perform advanced partitioning operations: move, copy, merge, undelete and resize partitions

  • Change partition properties: hide/unhide, make active/inactive, assign/remove drive letter, change volume label, convert file system, etc.

  • Clone hard disks or separate partitions

  • Redistribute unused disk space – easily resize your partitions without any data loss!

  • Volume Explorer (fully embedded within the application) – quickly browse FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2 or Ext3 FS partition, edit or copy files and folders

  • Defragment partitions and optimize their cluster size

The cost of this software is 39.95$ but you can get it for free by following the method below:

  • Go to this link.paragon-partiton-manager-free
  • Fill in your name and email address and submit it.paragon-partiton-manager
  • Within the next 15 minutes (usually instantly), you’ll receive a mail from Paragon with your new License key.

Download Partion manager setup file here.