One the best and favorite password management tool Lastpass has released its app for Windows 8 and is now available in now available in the Windows Store. As most of you already know that the latest operating system of Microsoft is slated to a October 26 release and we are hoping that every popular application on Windows platform will be releasing its app for Windows 8.

Even though this is like a full app, but you should take into account the fact into consideration that this is just its first initial release on windows 8. There are some limitations associated with this release (which are available in till Windows 7 release of Lastpass).

  • YubiKey and Google Authenticator are the onlymultifactor authentication methods currently supported.
  • There is no generate secure password option.
  • Fill form profiles cannot be added, edited, or deleted.
  • LastPass cannot hook into Internet Explorer unless you’re in IE desktop, so copy-paste from the LastPass vault to the browser or elsewhere is the only workaround.

Keep in mind that we are only talking about the Windows 8 LastPass App here though if you use the Lastpass browser extensions in Firefox or Chrome in the Desktop mode of Windows 8, you will find all the features of lastPass work flawlessly.

Via: LastPass Blog