How often we end up losing data while working with MS Office and Open Office when they get corrupted in between work when something crashes or something odd happens corrupting the files you are working on. If you are lucky, you get the file back recovered by auto save feature of MS Office and Open Office . Often, we would like at least get the text if not the whole file. Corrupt office2txt is such a application which can help in that.

Developers Description

Corrupt office2txt is a small utility designed to enable you to extract the text even from damaged or corrupted Microsoft Office and Open Office files 2.X and 3.X files. It can process files with the extensions .doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, ods and odp as well as possibly the template and macro variants of these extensions such as dot, xlt and pps if they are changed to the correct corresponding extensions mentioned.

It may succeed at doing so where MS Office Open Office itself fails to salvage text. It can also attempt to recover formatting in the form of a full Open Office file with a regular, odt, ods or odp extension. At this time unfortunately there is no facility for recovering anything but basic formatting for MS Office files through the previously mentioned text extractions. This program can be used as a viewer of text within healthy MS Office and Open Office files without having Open Office installed.

Its a nice free tool which can be helpful in critical situation. Its standalone application which u can store in a folder or carry in your portable drive. Give it a try and share your feedback.

Download Corrupt office2txt.