Chat with Gmail friends, contacts on, Skydrive

Microsoft has been putting a lot of effort to bring its email service at par with the other popular services like Gmail. It has been adding new features along with revamping the user interface to make it better. In continuation of these improvements, Microsoft has added another feature which lets you connect to your … Read more

Send free SMS, Text Messages with Gmail Chat

There are many web services available to send SMS or text messages for Free. Popular email service Gmail too is now offering you this feature inside its web-mail and now you can send  SMS or text messages to almost anyone in the world. This new option of sending SMS was visible in my Gmail account just yesterday.

 Chat option in your Gmail account is now changed to “Chat and SMS“. To send a SMS to any of your contacts, just hover your mouse to any contact and Click on More tab. There you can see the option of “Send SMS”.

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Enable Gmail Desktop popup notifications for chat and email

We love Gmail for the way it keeps innovating and comes up with new features often. Here is another new feature which most of Gmail users will love. Google’s Gmail has just launched HTML5 desktop notifications which display pop-ups whenever a chat message or new email arrives. You can turn them on by changing Settings … Read more

How to disable Yahoo messenger online conversation history

Just yesterday I talked about Yahoo Messenger 11 beta being released with new set of features. One of the features which concern me was availability of your conversation or Chat History online on Yahoo servers which is quite bad in terms of privacy. As for most of us, Chat is often private personal stuff and … Read more

Encrypt your instant messages with Pidgin Off-the-Record Messaging plugin

How many of you ever thought about how secure your Chats are over Instant Messaging clients like Yahoo, Gtalk, Msn, AIM etc.? Are those chats encrypted or non encrypted which means they can be sniffed into when they are transmitted through the web from your IM client to the server and then to your friend … Read more