Enable Gmail Desktop popup notifications for chat and email

We love Gmail for the way it keeps innovating and comes up with new features often. Here is another new feature which most of Gmail users will love. Google’s Gmail has just launched HTML5 desktop notifications which display pop-ups whenever a chat message or new email arrives.

You can turn them on by changing Settings in your Gmail account using the link in the top right corner of Gmail >>> “Desktop Notifications”. You can customize your settings depending on whether you just want to get notified only about chat messages, or if you use Priority Inbox and only want to get notifications for important messages etc.

This Gmail Desktop popup notifications functionality is currently only available for people using Google Chrome and will be available for other browsers later on hopefully.

Via: [Gmail Blog]

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  1. Thanks for tip 🙂
    Will see when there might be a use for it, perhaps one day:)
    Normally I stay out for everything of this kind of chatt/messenger/e-mail notifiers on my own desk.
    It’s mainly because I don’t trust it and seen it has the ability in spread lot of undesired code.
    People who enjoy it pls go ahead:)

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