How often do you need to instantly hide or close your browser , chat or folder windows when someone turns up suddenly while you are doing something which is critical or sensitive or confidential ? Sometimes, it gets embarrassing too for many if someone sees what we are browsing or talking with using chat/IM.

A small utility called Instant Hidden Internet can help you quickly Hide or close all browsers , chats and folders with a touch combination of hot keys which can be customised by you. It got some interesting features like it can hide and mute even the new chat windows that may appear after you have used the Hot keys once. This makes it a great tool.

It also provides you option of putting a password to unhide those windows back. You can even use a filter in the options panel so that it closes or hides only certains windows not all windows.

Another great features is, you cant see those hidden windows  even in the task manager making it a great tool.

Give it a try if you need something like this. And yes, do not use it while you are working at office.

Download Instant Hidden Internet