How to disable Yahoo messenger online conversation history

Just yesterday I talked about Yahoo Messenger 11 beta being released with new set of features. One of the features which concern me was availability of your conversation or Chat History online on Yahoo servers which is quite bad in terms of privacy. As for most of us, Chat is often private personal stuff and hence its dangeroous that its saved online. What if someone hacked your acount, apart from emails he also not get access to your chat history.

Today we will talk about how to set this feature off. Just by changing  a simple setting, you can disable Yahoo messenger online conversation/ Chat/ Phone history. If you want to view your Yahoo messenger online conversations history that is being saved, you can see that.

To turn this feature OFF, you just need to navigate to Messenger>> Preferences or just press Ctrl+Shift+P to get the Yahoo messenger preferences window. Here in ” Conversation History“, you need to select “Do not keep a history of my conversations”.

That’s it and you are all done. Now Yahoo messenger online conversation history is disabled.

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  1. Yes I’ve done that, but to-day messages still there, only yesterday messages has gone.
    I’ve tried re-log, to-day messages still save. Any suggestion?

    • unfortunately, this looks like as if this feature of storing conversation history locally is no longer available in yahoo messenger. You need to use a older version to use this feature.

  2. My wife just enterd on my messanger on other computer and could see my conversations with another girl,although I deleted my conversations on my computer she could still see them on another one and even though conversations weren’t important she missunderstood some things and she will use them for our divorce. It’s a serious problem and many man will have it unfortunately…

  3. Interesul ar fi sa fie pastrat un archive history cu toate conversatiile pe calculatorul tau intai, si dupa pe mail sau online, ma rog. Oricum, am dat disable conversation history si nu mi-a pastrat nici o conversatie dupa ce am vorbit cu prietenii. Deci degeaba… nu avem ce face decat downgrade la o versiune mai veche. Am trimis si un feedback la Yahoo, sper sa rezolve problema asta cat mai de curand.

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