Download Zonealarm 9.1 Firewall Free for Windows 7


Zonealarm is one of the best firewall available today. Even though it got a PRO version but for most of us Zonealarm free version is more than good enough with a good Anti-virus installed on the system.Zonealarm Pro was being offered for free few days back for 24 hours, which many of you may have [...]

Create Bootable Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 USB/Flash Drive


How often you are faced with installation of Windows on a new system or format an old system to clean install the windows operating system? I know, most of you are too scared to do that. For those of you, who did try this kind of adventure, carrying and keeping Windows CD/DVD installation media is [...]

Schedule Computer to Shutdown automatically


How often you feel like, you need to shutdown your computer with some delayed time? If you are downloading a  big file and need to sleep too but the file is still downloading? So how to schedule your computer to shutdown automatically at a specified time? Its possible to do that without using any special [...]

Aviary’s Phoenix: An excellant online image editor


Many of us often get involved with image editing one time or other. Still most of us are not good in image editing the reason being we don't use it in our day to day life. Another reason being the non availability of free good image editors or their availability on every system we work [...]

How to setup VMware for Google Chrome OS VMware Image


Yesterday I talked about Google Chromium OS first impressions which was fast and different. The first run of Google chrome was possible with the help of VMware player and the VMWare image of Google chrome OS. The VMware image of chrome was compiled and was available for download on the web. For running the Google [...]

PrivacyChoice Opt-out: Protect your privacy from ad networks


All of you must have seen ads on almost every page including this site. These ads are served by third party companies (like Adbrite, Adsense and many more) as the websites are don't have a full fledged advertising team dedicated for this. These companies collect and use information about visitor's activities & interests on those [...]

Google Chrome First impressions: Too fast and too different

As many of you know, Google Released the Chromium OS as open source project few days back which was surrounded by lot of speculation and expectations. The release was basically aimed at developers as lot of work needs to be done before its ready for general public or even a alpha or beta release. [...]

Winners : Google wave invites giveaway


Just few days back, Google waves invites were up for grabs in the giveaway. Here's the list of lucky subscribers who have won the Google Invite. jhonienglish jkrehbiel mrm52858 bobybob ravichauhan002 The Winners will be receiving the invitations soon. It may take some time as Google wave invites are not sent instantaneously. Congratulations to the [...]