Monitor your CPU load, Memory, Network traffic, bandwidth and more with Rainmeter


Many of you often need to see various system properties like CPU load, Memory, Network traffic, bandwidth used, Hard disk utilization etc. There are many small tools and software available for showing you each of these parameters individually, but what if you need to all of them at same time with a single tool or [...]

Teracopy:Copy your files faster and easier


Copying files and folders is one of the operations which everyone of you do on your computers daily. Even though you may think whats so special about it and why i am talking about it today. Windows provide a simple way to copy files from one location to other. But often this copying operation results [...]

Get EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard worth $69.95 for Free


Thanks to GIZMO again, you can Get EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard worth $69.95 for Free. This is a great tool (much more than a normal un-delete tool) which can help you recover data lost due to reasons like formatting, partition damage, improper shutdown and unknown reasons too. Advanced data recovery software to do format recovery [...]

Convert any video from one format to another easily with Handbrake


Many of you must have encountered problems with video formats not being compatible either to your portable player or media player and hence you cant transfer it from one media to another. For doing that you normally need a video format converter. There are rarely some good converters which can convert any format to another [...]

Grab IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO Edition 1 Year License Serial Code


Advanced SystemCare PRO (formerly known as Advanced WindowsCare Professional) is a Windows system utility developed by  Iobit which provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning capabilities. IObit is offering a free giveaway will be available within 24 hours randomly from November 20 to 27 as [...]

How to encrypt and password protect files, folders using Winrar


After the freebies, its turn for learning something. Today i will talk about something simple to do but very effective if you want to encrypt and password protect your sensitive files and folders. Many of you use Winrar for normal day to day compression of files & folders. Using Winrar you can  encrypt and password [...]

Download 1 Year McAfee VirusScan Plus 2010 With SiteAdvisor for Free


Its freebies raining again and again. You can  Download 1 Year McAfee VirusScan Plus 2010 With SiteAdvisor for Free thanks to a promo ( by Mcafee and VMware) and Blogger . Mcafee Virus scan along with Site Advisor protects your computer from virus, trojans, malicious attacks phishing etc. Some of the Features that are offered [...]

Extend life of your Laptop battery with Battery Care


Those of you who work on Laptops are well aware of the importance of Batteries of your laptop. You need to take proper care of them so that battery life is extended and its available when you require it for its full time. There are many manual ways by which you can extend the battery [...]