I have talked about system based virus scanner like kaspersky, NOD 32, Norton antivirus, Mcafee, Panda etc.  many times and the services they offer. These tools offer good protection to your system. But often , some viruses are not detected by these or all of these individually. Then perhaps you feel like checking with other virus scanner than the one you have.

In situations like this, online virus scanner provided by different secuirty vendors like mcafee etc. provide you tools to check files online. But if you want to check your suspicious file with all the virus scanners simultaneaously then what you do?

VirusTotal offers you that capability. It examines your files by scanning it through 29 antivirus scanner available and it does that pretty fast with impressive results.

  • Free, independent service
  • Use of multiple antivirus engines (29 Total)
  • Real-time automatic updates of virus signatures
  • Detailed results from each antivirus engine

You can upload any file on it and it scans the file in less than 2 mins by all 29 scanners. The results displayed after show you the details of each scanner and when it was updated along with the details of viruses found if any in your file.


Its useful when you suspect some files to be having virus / spyware/ trojan and your current antivirus doesnt detect any of them.

So you can check your files if any you have any suspicious of file.You wont be dissappointed.